Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Running to Run Faster

Today I figured out one way that actually works for uploading pictures using my new Mac. Things are different than I am used to. I randomly chose a picture and it turned out to be the Prosecco that kicked off my awesome visit to New York where I cheered on Gillian in the NYC Marathon at the beginning of November. I decided to leave the Processo because it makes me happy.

Just got back from the U of T Athletic Centre where I am exercising when not climbing. I like to run around their track and look silly. I found this fun assisted chin up machine there today which will help me get strong for climbing. I love to do chin-ups and pull-ups and even though not recommended, I still can't resist the ol' push-ups now and again! (Don't tell Audrey!)

Work is really busy but good. The honeymoon is still not over and it has been almost a year and a half. My longest relationship in a while!

Our princess pad on Markham is great. Avital, Andrea and I get along famously and we really enjoy the space. We'll need to plan a game night or partay for the new year.

School is busy - two assignments due - one on Dec 6th and one on Dec 13th. This is my first Masters course so I want to nail it. I haven't written an academic paper in 10 yrs or more so it is not coming so easy. I loved the course and teacher. Very stoked about the M.Ed. program on the whole.

Bracing myself for winter and refusing to be cold or timid with the outdoors this year. The post-Hallowe'en melancholy seems to be lifting but I feel like I'm entering a quiet period of focus. Study. Work. Run. Climb. Peck about it on the computer once in a while.



Wednesday, November 21, 2007


OK first of all this is all my fault for having really high expectations.

Dirty Dancing.

What can I even say about what I just saw? Did it have its moments? Yes. Overall did it get me there? Oh sweet Jesus - no.

Johnny Castle looked like a caricature of a prince from a Disney cartoon movie. Baby delivered every line in melodic perky-woman-in-a musical voice. She was comic relief and by the time their sex scene came along, people were laughing when they were not supposed to. She seemed so young and asexual that when Johnny decided to bed her, it just seemed so wrong, like in a pedophilia way.

Moving on, there were crazy elements added to the plot. One comment about Neil going freedom riding was blown into this huge social commentary on equal rights for black people. There was even a song about it and a HUGE image of Martin Luther King's face projected onto the backdrop! That was when Heather landed my favourite line: ".....Really?"

The dialogue they added was absolute nonsense. Random conversations, one involved multiple mentions of a cheese sandwich. Even during the finale, the I've-had-the-time-of-my-life bit, Baby and Johnny had this cheezy conversation about not lettin' the man beat you down. It was at that point that I delivered Heather's favourite line: "Shhhhh....don't talk."

Anyway, if you see it be prepared to laugh and cry and gnash your teeth... and not at the parts you expect! The set and effects were phenomenal and there were some amazing vocals. Many of the dance scenes were true to the last step which was fun to watch in person. The finale was buoyed by everyone's nostalgia and love for the original. Our cheers for 'nobody puts Baby in the corner' were heartfelt.

All and all, lots of fun for a Wednesday night! Makes you want to pop in Dirty, cozy up with some snacks and just let it all happen all over again!



Dirty Dancing

I'm feeling better today, although my stinky mood persisted throughout the day yesterday at work. Not only was I unproductive but I think I made others so as well! Of course the thing that brightened me up was climbing.

I went with a new climbing friend Marwan. He is taking a Master of Pyschology at York. I thought maybe he wouldn't let me down until my brain had developed new neural pathways to solve whatever problem I was facing. Luckily not! He was awesome and we climbed from 7:30 pm to 11 pm. He is new but has incredible natural ability, strength and the perfect climbers body. New arch nemesis?

Tonight is my night to be nostalgic. I remember the first time I saw Dirty was at a sleepover in grade 7 or 8. We literally stayed up all night watching it over and over and over! Isn't that perfect?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well I'm back from NYC and it turns out that the trip only prolonged but did not eliminate the crash and post-October depression that was predicted.

Things pretty much suck ass. If I am not working, studying or climbing then I am bodysnatched and you should call the police. If you are a man then you have likely behaved like a jackass recently or will do soon. I'll be either working, studying or climbing so I won't know or care. If you are a woman, then you will be happy to know that I am going to see Dirty Dancing tomorrow!

"Most of all I'm afraid of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life...the way I feel when I'm with you."

(lusty pause and let it land time)

"Dance with me?"

Now I missed the garbage truck and I have two minutes to be dressed and out of the house and I'm in mismatched bra and underwear and I can't get the pictures to work on this freakin' Mac and I hate everyone.