Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fighting Fatbody

Well for any of you that have enjoyed a lifelong struggle with Fatbody, you'll be interested to know the desperate measures are being arranged.

I'm talkin' WW.  I'm talkin' pay a membership fee and use little tickets to weigh in weekly surrounded by souls with a similar plight on my lunch break every Thursday.  Holy crap. 

Yes there will also be some cardio action - namely a 'Couch to 5K' running program.
Ideally there will be some yoga (great for climbers) but I'm not sure if I can get down with this part of the plan since it never seems to stick.  Yet I have a feeling it's like smoking cigarettes and eating sushi - very unpleasant at first but if you work at it you learn to love it...and then develop an addiction!

Isn't WW so freakin' retro?  Stay tuned.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What the #^$% happened to her?

Hello friends!  Still alive and kicking here in Toronto, Ontario.  After a lengthy hiatus I've returned - for one post at least!

Most of you already have the skinny on this one but here's how it all played out...

Last fall I met a boy at the climbing gym.  (I fell off the wall while in my harness, he was walking below, the rope was stretchy, I didn't land on him but almost did, he said something in an accent, I thought he called me ninja, he started calling me ninja...)  Over the Christmas holidays I got sick and forgot him.  I had the ebola-typhus and pretty much nearly died.  Then in February we met up again and I took up his offer of a drink at the pub after climbing.

Here we are three months later!  I am smitten. :)  It has been quite a whirlwind.  His name is Yoav - he is from Israel, here doing a Masters in Biochemistry at U of T.  His current work placement is at Sick Kids hospital.  He is smart, crazy, funnay, positive, sexy, climb-y ... Yes!  Yay!

In April we adventured to Nevada, Utah and Arizona with his 21 family members where we toured in 5 RVs, caravan style!  This was an adventure that I can't begin to explain.  All from Israel, all Hebrew-speaking and all speaking at the same time!

Now I am settled back into work, climbing, hanging with Yoav, livin' and lovin'.  For a while there things were new and surreal and all my regular routines slipped away.  Now that my course is over (taking summer off!), and the trip is over, I'm finding more time to get back to myself.  I am particularly excited about exercising (cardio? what is that?) and outdoor climbing.  Yoav took Harry and I on Monday to Rattlesnake point and it was a blast!

Anyway I hope to write much more this summer and even posts some pics.  Hope all is well with all of you!  (All 3 of you!)


Sparkly D

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best Day Ever

Dear Everyone,

Today probably is! Holy crap - why didn't I buy a lottery ticket???

JanCon Epic Strategy 10b Darren Climbing Arm Wrestle Victory Jenny's Email.

While far too lazy to write it all down I do need to remember it all. Wow.


Monday, February 04, 2008


So my experiment in productivity was not a complete failure. I missed the boat for climbing but I did work fairly diligently and managed to roughly complete my paper between 5 and 6, affording me sufficient time to attend the Super Bowl party.

The whole thing fell down because I had spent all day camped out at home (ie Garth's place - lol!) where there was nothing but bread and p.b. By the time I finished the paper my eyes were sore, I was lethargic and just felt like relaxing. So I bailed on the Super Bowl party and watched Man of the Year! (Great movie - that 'computer glitch' was pretty sobering, no? Double bs, double ls...yikes!) Thus far, 2008 has been the Year of the Bail. (Not seen in such epic proportions since university when I would generally leave social events (often without notifying my companions) and go home to watch That Girl on TV with my mom.

I think another reason for bailing was fatbody. Yesterday was rock bottom. The bread and p.b. The Italian that G and I ordered. The inactivity. Well TODAY is the first day of my steadfast journey to the 140s!!!

Battle cry!!! Musical crishendo (spelled as it SHOULD be spelled)!!!


Off to work. Then class.

Double fuck.

Happy Monday. This ray of sunshine is signing off...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Experiment in Productivity

Today I need to complete a paper for my course (due tomorrow). I am up early on a snowy Super Bowl Sunday to do it and obviously dicking around on the computer instead. I challenge myself to hunker down (LOVE that expression!) and instead of letting the task stretch to 10 pm tonight, I should complete it by 1:30 pm, thus affording myself time to 1) climb at 2 pm and 2) attend Harry's Superbowl party where I will NOT eat deep-fried turkey.

I have not read 'The 4-Hour Workweek' but if I did, I bet this is the type of thing I would be encouraged to do. It will require Unfettered Productivity. Ie this blog is a Fetter. Ie you are a Fetter. Or a Fetterette.

Bye for now.



Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy 10a Day!

Yippee! Today I went climbing with Melanie, a good friend from Laurier, and finished my first 10a! This is a big milestone in terms of difficulty level. Mel did a great job her first time both climbing and belaying. She is a natural with the perfect body for climbing (tall and thin!) plus she loves heights.




Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good One!

Today I did my first (unassisted) chin up! AND I tried two 5.10bs! Yay post climbing euphoria!